Montrose Livable Center

About Livable Centers

Livable Centers are places where people can live, work, and play with less reliance on their cars. They encourage a complementary mix of land uses that are designed to be walkable, connected, and accessible by multiple modes of transportation, including bus, bike, foot, or vehicle (multi-modal). Established by Houston-Galveston Area Council in 2008, the Program works with local communities to reimagine auto-focused infrastructure, policies, and programs to be more multi-modal friendly.

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Project Opportunities

The Montrose Livable Centers study will focus on the following opportunity areas to help envision the future of the neighborhood:

  • Balancing economic development and character with great urban design to establish a stronger business environment and Montrose identity.
  • Reimagining the transportation network across different mobility options to improve experiences for residents who are walking, biking, or in need of transit to their destination.
  • Improving community resilience, health, and housing opportunity in Tandem to promote better quality of life for residents.
  • Creating a transparent and accessible engagement plan to ensure all communities in Montrose are reached and represented.

Potential Outcomes

  • A multimodal connectivity plan that increases safety, access, and mobility throughout the study area for residents.
  • A market-oriented approach that promotes catalytic development opportunities and facilitates public-private partnerships.
  • Housing choice and affordability strategies that focus on restoring existing housing, redeveloping vacant properties and lots, and providing additional housing options for mixed income development.
  • Community health recommendations through built-environment interventions.
  • Improvements of landmarks, wayfinding, gateways, land use strategies, and other placemaking elements.
  • Recommendations for strategic investments in neighborhood-scale community resilience.


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Project Schedule

To minimize the impact to our community during this rapidly changing pandemic event, we want to recognize and be sensitive to the fact that we’re all going through a lot of changes. With this Livable Centers Study we’re planning for the future, and at times like today, it can be more important than ever. As conditions improve, we’ll be back in the community to talk about the project in person, until then we will have multiple ways the community can learn about the Montrose Livable Centers project and provide feedback.

Study Area Map

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