Statement from Montrose TIRZ 27 Board of Directors from December 18, 2023 board meeting.

The redevelopment of Montrose Boulevard is about creating what the community told us they wanted: drainage, mobility, safety, and beauty. It is a complex multiple demand and needs project within a finite amount of space.

It is about Drainage. The Boulevard is the drainage spine of Monstrose. We are creating the ability to address flooding and drainage issues that have plagued Montrose for years.

It is about Mobility. We are creating accessibility and comfort for all users. We will connect the Boulevard with the east-west biking and walking spines we are and have created along with access to Buffalo Bayou Park. We also provide for our merchants and restaurants along the Boulevard another level of accessibility to their enterprises.

It is about Safety. With that mobility in mind, we create a buffer with the six-foot planting zone behind the curb where we place trees. We enhance visibility of both pedestrians and vehicles as they travel the Boulevard. We are creating pedestrian safety zones and crossings including a signalized pedestrian crossing to facilitate all pedestrians, be they child, student, parent, or neighbor in crossing this major thoroughfare.

It is about beauty. Both the natural and the created environment; this project incorporates both a healthy tree canopy as well as public art. Its impact on the neighborhood and our neighbors has always been important in our Montrose Boulevard redevelopment.

As we have said, we do not do this in vacuum. Our decisions are shaped by the valuable input from our community. We make these choices with a clear understanding that what we do has a lasting impact on our future and that of the next generation.

The Montrose TIRZ will hold additional public meetings to share updates about the project and encourage the public to continue providing feedback throughout the project design process at

Additional information about the project can be found at, and information about upcoming Board meetings, including date, time, location, and online access information, can be found at

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